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AnonymoX worked in FF 17.0, but it doesn't work in FF 18.0, or FF 18.0.1. AnonymoX tech couldn't fix it.

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The AnonymoX tech made many tries, but, today he wrote that only a few users of FF 18 had the problem. He gave up. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, in a HP AMD 4 core desktop, 10 GB RAM. I've been running the AnonymoX FF extension through several versions. As noted in the headline above, AnonymoX worked in FF 17.0, but not in FF 18.0 and 18.0.1. Current anonymoX version is" 1.0.1 I've disabled it pending help.

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Works for me on Linux (tried a Doctor Who trailer) with Firefox 18.0.1.

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