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Firefox Lags Like Hell with Flash

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Ok, here's the deal.

After long use Firefox starts to lag like crazy with Flash. And... It doesn't seem to be a problem with Flash. It's more likely that the browser itself what is causing the issue.

After I use Firefox for some time Flash starts lagging badly. BUT! This happens only if I have my Firefox window active. If I open the Task Manager on top of Firefox window, Flash stops lagging as if Harry Porter himself cast a spell with his magic stick making everything work like a charm.

I made a small video showcasing the bug: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2c5pbn1xwy58dc/12-11-2012%2019-07-15.avi

- The bug still appears even in Safe Mode (all addons disabled).

- With hardware acceleration disabled in Flash bug still remains.

- With Chrome and other browsers everything works fine.

- The bug will go away after restart - and then will start to appear after Firefox is in use for some time.

- Normally it re-appears after I close my laptop's lid forcing it to go to sleep mode. After it wakes up - the bug is there.

- There was no such a bug in the past - it started to appear as new Firefox versions were released - don't know the exact version but I assume it all started from version 14 or 15.

Any thoughts?

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> disable protected mode in Flash 11.3 and later

Seems like that helped. Thanks!

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Did you try to disable protected mode in the Flash plugin?

Also make sure that you allow the plugin-container process in the firewall.

You can check for problems caused by recent Flash updates and try these:

  • disable a possible RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension for Firefox and update the RealPlayer if installed
  • disable protected mode in Flash 11.3 and later
  • disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin
  • downgrade the Flash player to version 10.3 or 11.2
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> disable protected mode in Flash 11.3 and later

Seems like that helped. Thanks!

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Disabling the flash protected mode was not helpful after all. I will keep trying.

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