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Adobe Flash Plugin Keeps Crashing


So about a week ago my Adobe Flash plugin started crashing (on Firefox 15.0.1) frequently when I was watching YouTube. I obviously reported it, but nothing happened. Then today I updated the plugin, hoping this would solve the problem, but it didn't. What should I do about this?

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Hi BabarSuhail,

First try to Turn off hardware acceleration in Firefox and "disable the hardware acceleration" in the Flash Player too :



if the adove does not solve the issue also try to Disabling Protected Mode in Flash (the link is for 11.3, do the same for 11.4), see the same in "Last resort" in the next link from adobe forum http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1018071?tstart=0

Finally if you still have crashes you must download and Install Flash 10.3 but first uninstall your current version with adobe uninstaller program .

thank you


I tried the first solution, now I'll have to wait and see if it crashes again. Another thing, while playing videos on youtube, the video sometimes gets stuck for a few seconds but the audio keeps playing.

Kaz_Kylheku 0 oplossingen 11 antwoorden

Keeps happening on 17.0.1, with Flash Player 11.5.502.135 (latest at time of writing). Platform is 32 bit Win7.

Navigating to a YouTube video will freeze the browser completely. Half a minute later, the window shows that the plugin has crashed.

The problem goes away if I reset Firefox using Help/Troubleshooting Information.

However, some days later, the problem returns requiring another reset.

Resetting is annoying because I have to reinstall AdBlock and NoScript, and the database of script URL's of NoScript are not carried over (probably could be, of course, with additional manual steps).

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The "Firefixer" download link in the previous reply was reviewed and removed by a moderator yesterday. Anyone who received that link in an e-mail notification should not download and run the FireFix.exe file.

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Kaz_Kylheku 0 oplossingen 11 antwoorden

There is no way I'd download and run some "X-Fixer" for any value of X, but thanks for looking out for me. :)

The only thing which worked for me was to downgrade to an older version of Flash. It was 10.X (don't know the exact version).

The reason I don't know the exact version is that (as I just found out) it seems to have updated to on December 23.

I haven't noticed any problems so far, so maybe they fixed something.

Kaz_Kylheku 0 oplossingen 11 antwoorden

.... and that is funny thing because I set Flash Player to remind me about updates but not actually install them. I just verified that I have it configured that way in the Adobe Flash control panel. Yet, somehow I'm on a new version that I'm sure I did not manually install myself. The last thing I manually installed was 10 dot something.

Great! When they come out with an unreliable build again, it will auto install.