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Recovery from External HD that was Internal

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I need some help.

I had a system with XP Media Center on it,, and unfortunately did not have my Firefox settings backed up.

The system crashed. I took the hard drive out of it, bought an external HD Case to mount it, and it does appear to be not damaged and working properly.

I have connected this drive via USB to a Win 7 system in the hopes of being able to find my Firefox settings and recover them. Though I am not able to find the folder that they are stored in. FYI, the OS is still installed on this HD. The only change with this HD is that it is not physically mounted in a system. Can you please assist me in regards to this?

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To Access your Firefox information, you'll need to navigate to the Firefox profile folder. You can read Recovering important data from an old profile to find out how to find that folder on your old hard drive and what to copy.

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The "Application Data" folder in XP/Win2K and the "AppData" folder in Vista/Windows 7 are hidden folders.

XP (use the proper drive letter):

  • X:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile>\
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Well fortunately,, while awaiting for this response,, I navigated around on the external HD and did manage to find a folder called Application Data. Looked in there and did find the Profiles folder that I was needing. I did copy to a jump, loaded onto the main system,, and it did work.

Thanks for your help guys.