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How to import /export bookmarks in Firefox for Mac

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I wanted to export my bookmarks in Firefox for Mac, in htm or pdf format. Cant find any command for that. Nor any import from htm or pdf. Nor can I list all my bookmarks aplhabetically  ; I have lots of bookmarks in different folders and I want to see all these bookmarks listed with no folders.

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In Firefox for OS X, you can export your Bookmarks to HTML via the Bookmarks dialouge window.

Open your Bookmarks dialouge via the Menu bar: Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks.

When the new window has opened, this is what you can do to export your Bookmarks: https://support.mozilla.org/media/uploads/images/2012-09-16-05-44-02-10bc19.png (or view the image attachment).

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I do not have that option ; FFox 15.0.1;

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Please look at this article which explains the process in detail: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/export-firefox-bookmarks-to-backup-or-transfer

I also run version 15.0.1 under OS X, same as you do, and I can do it.

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OK, I found it. No wonder I had prolems finding it since it is not a user friendly (or intuitive) place to find that. And still, listing the bookmarks alphabetically or sorting by the folder are still not possible ?