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Windows 8 Compatability


I am running Windows 8 Release Preview-Evaluation Copy. Build 8400. Is Firefox compatible with Windows 8? For weeks now, I have been having a problem with downloads and delays. On fresh install, I have decent speeds, but after a day or two, speeds bog down. Sometimes to almost non existent One day download speed of 1.2MB/PS, next day, speed drops to 0.2KB/PS. Can you tell me why? I am tired of uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. I just found out about RESETTING Firefox, but still, why does my speed vary so much?

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Swarnava Sengupta 482 oplossingen 3135 antwoorden

Nuttig antwoord

We dont support Windows 8 yet!

TheOldFox 110 oplossingen 619 antwoorden

Nuttig antwoord

Lots of work going on at Mozilla for Windows 8 compatibility, though


Thanks for the info. Looking forward to Firefox's progress. I guess I will just have to wait. I hope it will happen soon. Thanks

Svenne 0 oplossingen 9 antwoorden

Yes we'll wait patiently IE 10 is strange :-)

lsmchandler 0 oplossingen 3 antwoorden

Firefox doesn't work properly on Windows 8.

Svenne 0 oplossingen 9 antwoorden

I have deleted all the adds i didn't need, and Firefox is now up and running fine. :-)

Ricjames25 0 oplossingen 8 antwoorden

it doesn't work for me yet either

ivan080378 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

I know you're doing your best to release the new version compatible with Windows 8. Thank you for giving us a great browser so far. I hope you can finish it for Christmas :)

pequod 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

Where can I report Microsoft abuse of my favorite browser (and a few other programs) ? Linux looks very good in retaliation if nothing else. Hint to Mozilla staff. Does it? Never had to look before.

How do I get the thousand plus bookmarks out of Mozilla?

I'm so sorry but I can't wait and it pains me. A browser's my life blood.

Staff, work fast, work good. Give us our browser back in snap time. Don't need the sprinkles, worry about them later. Just the browser.

Cheers and catch you on the flip side.