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Installing Adobe Flash Player without Administrator authority


I have not admin authorization. And adobe flash player cant install. I can work with chrome and IE with adobe flash player but firefox cant. How can i solve this problem. thanks a lot

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If you are a Firefox user and want to use Flash but do not have administrative privileges do the following:

  1. Download the latest version of the Firefox Flash plugin from the adobe website. Your best option is to right-click the download link and select Save As.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded file to a folder on the local system. You may need to change the file extension to zip if you have only access to the standard Windows unzipper.
  3. Move the two files NPSWF32.dll (NPSWF64.dll for 64 bit) and flashplayer.xpt into the Firefox plugin directory e.g.: C:\Program Files\Firefox\plugins. The plugin directory is located in the root directory if you are using a portable version of Firefox, if Firefox is installed is is located in the profile folder. Easiest option to find out where the folder is located is to enter about:support in the address bar. This works for Firefox 3.6 and up.
  4. If no Plugins folder exist create the folder and move the two Flash Player files into the folder.
  5. Restart Firefox to make this work and visit http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ to check your flash player version number.
  6. You can now enjoy Flash based contents. Be aware that the plugin is not auto-updating itself. You need to make sure to keep it up to date manually.

You might want to try Firefox portable

Paste them in the following folder in your portable installation of Firefox \App\firefox\plugins\

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I am having trouble doing this. How do you extract the necessary files from the .exe?