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Problems with chat / messages / page refresh in Facebook

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I suddenly began having problems with Facebook, and then with Huffington Post. On HP, the dropdown menu for notifications won't load. On Facebook, things are far worse. Chat won't load, and I can't load private messages. In addition, the page won't refresh. When things get really bad, I can't even post. This all began rather suddenly as I was running Firefox version 12.x, but the problems continue in 13.x (for Windows 7, 64 bit)..

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Hi randyite,

Wondering how in the world you figured this out ....!

Other people did most of the work, but I'm spreading the word.

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No, this is definitely a Firefox issue. I switched back to IE9 for a "test". Facebook worked fine till IE crashed... the original reason I switched to Firefox.

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Hi BoomerFT, did you try the cookie fix in the threads listed in this post? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/929147?page=1#answer-366021

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