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When will native H.264 be supported in FireFox. Not here in 12


I have been a firefox fan for many versions and would like to no longer require flash. My understanding is vimeo will play video with browser that support h.264 natively. When I go to vimeo in firefox with the flash add-on disabled vimeo states my browser does not support h.264 natively. Is this on the road map for firefox, or am I missing some setting to turn it on?

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Matt Brubeck 147 oplossingen 1390 antwoorden

Mozilla is considering supporting H.264 natively in a future version of Firefox, but there are no plans yet for when this may happen.

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See also:

  • bug 541286 - MPEG2 and MPEG4/H264 support for HTML5 <video>

(please do not comment in bug reports)

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Gingerbread Man
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The debate is spread across blogs and newsgroup posts, and you're not likely to get a clear picture from a single bug report. The following article is an interesting read, with links to the sources of the quotes.

For the time being, the best you can do is try your luck with Microsoft's add-on.

Should that fail, you can open Internet Explorer in a Firefox tab using the following extension.

(fixed link - c)

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Thank you Gingerbread_Man for this information. But it seems to me IE 9 doesn't support it natively either. I was under the impression natively means no add-on's or some "other" program must be installed also so the browser can call it.Is this an incorrect impression?

I used IE9 (64 bit) as this runs with no add-on's and went to vimeo. I received the same error, so I went with IE9 and again the same error. Could this problem be how vimeo implement HTML5? Is there another site that can be used?

Gingerbread Man
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You're welcome.

Yes, Internet Explorer 9 does have built-in support for H.264 videos. On the following page, you should see that IE9 is able to play the first video.

Given that solving issues with IE is outside the scope of Firefox Support, I suggest you ask about the problem on the Vimeo forum: