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How do i prevent my internet history from being deleted in firefox version 11.0?

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Hi, I would like to stop my internet history from being deleted. I had stopped it when i was on version 7 i think. But now I have version 11 my internet history is being deleted. Its when you click on history then show all history and from there it is being deleted and I need it to stop. I have fox filter and I am watching what my boys look at. But i have a feeling they are still getting through it as I have noticed that the istory is being deleted and there are cookies that relate to porn on the computer! Thanks!

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First, the version of Firefox that you are running is very very out of date and thus insecure. Please go to www.getfirefox.com to download the latest and best version.

Now, you want to make it impossible to have any history deleted from Firefox? I'm not sure that there is a way to prevent that in Firefox (I will look for an addon to do that however).

I would take a look at the various Parental controls that are available in Firefox and Windows Vista however. In this case, I think a good content filter will probably be your best course.