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Scrolling issue using my multitouch touchpad

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I own an Asus Zenbook UX31E that uses the Elantech touchpad driver. I have updated it to the most recent version of 5.2

In IE9, when I am viewing a photo on facebook, i can vertically scroll normally using two fingers. the page cannot horizontally scroll, thus only vertical scrolling can occur.

however, on the exact same type of page, viewing a photo on facebook, when i scroll Firefox 9 reads my multitouch scroll in 2 dimensions. therefore the tiny little movements i have moving horizontally on the touchpad is picked up and the photo changes to another photo. it seems that firefox uses horizontal scrolling to either or forward or backward in the photo albums.

this does not occur on IE9. it is impossible to horizontally scroll on such a webpage using it.

At first i thought it was asus' issue. but when i discovered that ie9 does not suffer the same issue, i believe it may be something to do with firefox.

another website that is affected is gizmodo. a part of the website requires scrolling vetically, but when i use my multitouch touchpad, firefox picks up the horizontal movement does a different command.