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Where is the is the "open" window button?

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I can't find the one thing I come to this site for! I am a 69 year old Quaker woman and I don't curse lightly. But this overly saccharine paternalistic "we know what is best for you" excuse for a web site is so frustrating, it turns my language blue.

Where the is the "Open new web page" button?

All I want to do is open the browser.

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Press CTRL and N or select File -> New Window from the Firefox menu bar.

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Press CTRL and N or select File -> New Window from the Firefox menu bar.

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Your answer does absolutely nothing to help me.

Control+N leads me to an instruction page entitled "Need help with Firefox."

The "new window button" leads to the same page.

This is the page with the childish graphic of a smiling fox dressed as a nurse complete with stethoscope. Why would I want this?

Where is the search engine?


This should be obvious. It should not require reading an instruction manuel to find it.

If you are trying to get rid of users, you are doing a bang up job.

You have taken something that worked and have turned it into something quite useless.

All I want is the search engine. Nothing more.

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Hello and welcome back. Sorry you're having trouble finding what you need. When you select from the Firefox menu bar:

     Tools > Options > General

you will see an area where you can set your home page. It may, from the sound of it it, be currently set to the default home page, which is a search page with the Firefox logo. If you'd like to change your home page to something else, select from the options presented, or enter the address of your choice. That way, when you open Firefox in the future, your personalized page will be waiting for you.

The search box is in the upper right of the Firefox screen area, and has a choice of search engines you can use. If you don't see the search box, right-click on the Firefox toolbar, then select Customize. Drag any icons you like to the toolbar area, move the search box around if you like too so it suits you if you're left-handed, like my mother was.

It can be frustrating trying to find one's way around, but we're here to help when we can. We are all just users, like you, (not a bunch of corporate wonks), and we are here because we like to try to help people, and we do it for free, on our own time. It's okay to express your frustration, but as my own Quaker grandmother said, you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. (Yes, she was a beekeeper as well as a chemist.)

I hope this was of some help to you, but if not, please come back with more questions if you have them.

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Next to the tab that does open whatever it is, there is a plus sign (+) click that and you have a new blank page, at this point you could press home and have two identical pages, you could open a previously saved bookmark, or you could do a search for any other page you choose - Simples!

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Ms Lew, the CTRL + N combination should open a new window for you rather than take you to the Firefox Help page, so your installation does sound as if it is returning an error. This is also true of the menubar action File > New Window.

It could be that your shortcut-key combinations have become snarled. Can you tell us whether you got the same result before you upgraded Firefox to the new version?

I also noticed you have some dated plug-ins which you can fix by visiting

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A new window opens by default with the home page, so you can change the home page to what you want to see in a new window.
A new tab opens by default as a blank page (about:blank.)