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Why does Firefox 7 freeze when I paste a filename when printing to a file using Microsoft XPS Document Writer?

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This is more of a bug, and it doesn't seem to happen all the time.

I like printing web pages to Microsoft XPS Document Writer (.xps) format. FF7 seems to freeze often when I paste a filename (usually from copying something, like the title, from the web page itself) after trying to print to a file using Microsoft XPS Document Writer. I think it may be that I wind up copying some special formatting (or maybe a line break) and that causes FF to freeze (I then have to force-close it using Task Manager). Just a bug that I hope the developers will note and fix.

Another question, not quite related to the above, but is there a way to save an html web page to save only the text stuff? When I save to Text File in Firefox, I usually wind up with all the html crap in it too, when I just wanted the text content portion. TIA.