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I cannot get any form of firefox after upgrading to 6

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I am so frustrated. Just spent hours trying to upgrade to firefox 6 so I could watch videos on Vimeo. I finally succeeded in doing so and now my computer will not open firefox as it says it the architecture doesn't support it. I tried to go back to Firefox 3.6 but that didn't work either. Now I am stuck without firefox and it has lost all my book marks too. What can I do? I have an old mac lap top 10.4.11 Michele

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For an unofficial Firefox 4 compatible version (TenFourFox) that runs on PowerPC Macs with OS X 10.4.11 or OS X 10.5.8 you can look at:

Firefox 3.6.x (Mac OS X 10.4 and later) can be found here:

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Thanks, but this reply didn't help me. I went to that site and downloaded the 3,6 but it still wouldn't come up. I think I need to uninstall 6 first and I don't know how to do that without losing all my bookmarks

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Download a new copy of the Firefox program and save the DMG file to the desktop

  • Trash the current Firefox application to do a clean (re-)install
  • Install the new version that you have downloaded

Your profile data is stored elsewhere in the Firefox Profile Folder, so you won't lose your bookmarks and other personal data.

Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder

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