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How do I get the updated version of Firefox 3.6.19 to open up in Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 as it keeps opening in 3.6.17 and upgrading when in KIS 2011 elicits error messages?

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My issue is with updating Firefox in KIS 2011 safe run mode. I recently upgraded my Firefox web browser OUTSIDE OF KIS SAFE RUN MODE to Firefox 3.16.19. When I clicked on KIS safe run mode I expected the upgrade to take effect. This was not the case (still version 3.6.17).

I then tried to upgrade the Firefox browser IN KIS SAFE RUN Mode and received the following error messages "software update failed" or "the update could not be installed please make sure their are no other copies of Firefox running on your system and try again."

I thought if I killed the Firefox process outside of KIS safe run and ran it as an administrator it might work- it didn't - just opened 3.6.19 outside of safe run mode. I then tried to update manually when in safe run mode and received a side-by-side configuration error. I am a basic computer user not a techie and could use some help that hopefully isn't to complicated for me to enact!

Thanks in advance