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Netflix says that I'm using a non-supported browser (and suggests Firefox among others), but I just upgraded to Firefox 5.0.

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I had an outdated version of Firefox, 4.0 I think, and used it frequently to stream movies from netflix. However, after I downloaded the latest version of Firefox, I couldn't steam from Netflix, as I got a message that ran like this: Warning! The web-browsing software you are currently using to visit Netflix is not providing you with the best movie-finding experience.

If you haven't recently upgraded your Internet browsing software, we suggest downloading the most recent update to your browser. If you're using a very early version of AOL for Macintosh, you may be required to upgrade your browser to access the Netflix web site. Visit AOL for information about upgrading your AOL browser or using a non-AOL browser to access the Internet with your AOL account.

We strongly recommend using the latest version of Internet Explorer (Windows), Firefox (Windows or Mac), or Safari (Mac). These browsers (and upgrades) are free and will ensure that you have the best possible experience browsing the Internet— including the Netflix web site.

Not sure what to do short of reverting to an older version of the browser. Which I would rather not. Any help?