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can no longer acccess Hotmail via Firefox. Get "Default.aspx" message from http;//sn114s.snt114mail.live.com

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I can no longer access Hotmail via Firefox. Get pop up message "Default.aspx from http;//sn114s.snt114mail.live.com.

Running Win Xp service pk 3 Firefox v 4.0.1

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Is the page that pops up blank or does it have more information?

If it's blank, try Ctrl+r or Ctrl+Shift+r to reload it and see whether it loads correctly the second time.

If there is more information (e.g., an error message), what does it say?

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I get a popup box with the message inside. See attached.........

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Oh, I see. Normally, Firefox opens .aspx files as web pages, because the server instructs Firefox that they are ordinary HTML pages. Obviously something is going wrong here, but I'm not sure whether it is something in Firefox or something up at Microsoft.

When you have a problem with one particular site, a good "first thing to try" is clearing your Firefox cache and deleting your saved cookies for the site.

1. Clear Firefox's Cache

Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage: "Clear Now"

2. Delete your live.com cookies

right-click this page, choose View Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"

At the top of the box, change mozilla.com to live.com

Then you can remove your live.com cookies and try the site again.

Any luck?

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there are no sites or cookies to clear.

Dont have the problem if access hotmail via Internet explorer but HATE to have to use IE..

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Next is to try Firefox's Safe Mode. If that works, then an add-on probably is causing the problem.

I recommend backing up your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong. See Backing up your information. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)

Next, try starting Firefox in Firefox Safe Mode. Be careful not to "reset" anything permanently if you didn't back up.

Does Hotmail work there?

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I rebook-marked Hotmail and the problem went away.

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Did manage to eliminate all cookies, not the way you described, but found them and deleted them., rebooted..............................opened Firefox and opened Hotmail with NO PROBLEM!!

Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!!

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Didn't fix problem I only have this problem with one e-mail address My other e-mail addresses work fine

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Still have problem in safe mode

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Thanks, I think this worked for me. I take it back, still have problem.

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no luck either

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@jj72, just to confirm, you tried all of these?

(1) Clear cache
(2) Remove all cookies ending with live.com
(3) Test in Safe Mode to see whether it might be an add-on conflict

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Tried all three multiple times. I also upgraded to 5.0 The problem only happens with my main e-mail address. It does not happen with others. If I log in with an alternate address, then log out and change log-in names, it works fine. But if I log-in initially with my main e-mail address, I have the problem. I have even removed firefox and reinstalled and no help.

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If I log in with an alternate address, then log out and change log-in names, it works fine. But if I log-in initially with my main e-mail address, I have the problem.

That's very hard to explain. Maybe Hotmail is serving you something different depending on the address (whether it's advertising, or using a different parts of its content distribution network) and there is a problem in your profile related to that specific content.

Can you try a new profile? I assume you have a backup of your profile folder.

Close Firefox and fire up the Profile Manager: Managing profiles. If Hotmail works normally in the clean profile, you can migrate key settings like bookmarks from your damaged profile to the new profile. See: Recovering important data from an old profile.

Hope this helps.

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Hotmail runs on many servers, I suspect that there are a few servers that have this problem and one of your accounts is on one of those servers. I'm talking to the hotmail team and they're on the case.

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the problem is in Firefox 5.0 Never had problem before the upgrade!!

Font size changes with each mouse click while in Hotmail..........drives me nuts. Font gets smaller and difficult to read!

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Font size changes with each mouse click while in Hotmail..........drives me nuts. Font gets smaller and difficult to read!

Is the text zooming down every time you click? One quick way to check is to press Ctrl+0 (zero) to reset the zoom level.

If this only happens on Hotmail, it could be some incompatibility between Firefox 5 and the site's scripts. However, I haven't noticed any problems myself, so perhaps an add-on also is implicated??

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If you're seeing the "default.aspx" error and would like to help the Hotmail team investigate what's going on, we'd love to hear from you.

Send us a quick note at hotmailhelp@microsoft.com, and include the Hotmail address where you're seeing the error and a way for us to reach you.

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text zooms down every time open an e-mail. this only happens with V5.0. Does not happen on my laptop that is running Firefox 3.0.11.

one would then assume that it is a v5.0 problem and not a hotmail prob. however i am open to suggestions because it is making me go via IE to open hotmail!!

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@chuckandramona, did you try Safe Mode to rule out an add-on as the problem causing the zoom issue? I described that in a response further up this thread.

By the way, 3.0.11 is over 2 years old and full of known security holes. For your security, you should update at least to 3.6.18 if you prefer not to use Firefox 5 on your laptop: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/all-older

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