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I cannot download individual pictures from ebay. When I right click the picture (enlarged) or the small picture I don't get the option to "save picture as". Is this a firefox problem or a yahoo problem?

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I always use firefox to browse the internet. When I attempt to save a picture from ebay I have always enlarged the picture, right click, the clicked "save picture as". Now when I right click I don't get that option. All it will let me do is save the entire ebay item file. When I right click on the enlarged picture, the small picture, or the white near the enlarged photo my icon choices are: 1.Copy 2. Select All 3.Yahoo 4. Search Yahoo for "Please wait imag" 5. View selection source. Is this a firefox problem or a yahoo issue? Please help. Thanks John

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You can try to save the image via Tools > Page Info > Media

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right click and pick reload, right click and pick save image as...

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When I receive a picture in my yahoo email and I try to "save as" all I get is a "download" I cannot save a picture in my computer anymore from Firefox/yahoo. I don't know if it is the combination of these two, or WHAT! Pls send me an email at allegrofabrics@yahoo.com if you can help me. This is terrible!

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The methods above didn't work for me. The way to download the images from eBay is as follows:

right click on the image choose "view page info" select the "media" tab you will see the image at the bottom of the screen, above it is a "save as" option, you can use this to save the image.

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I've tried all kinds of different ways to make it work, and nothing! The only way I can get the pictures off ebay is open up a internet explorer window and go that route. Fire fox NEEDS to fix this NOW!