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How can I change what search engine the Firefox homepage uses?

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When I open Firefox up, the search bar on the Main Firefox homepage is using yahoo for my searches. Is there a way I can pick a different search engine for the Main screen to use?

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The easiest "fix" is to set a different homepage, like maybe the old Firefox Start page. http://www.google.com/firefox
See this:

As far as your problem ...

Is the Yahoo logo to the left of the search container?
Or is it not labeled at all?

Where did you download Firefox from? You may have installed a "Yahoo enhanced" version of Firefox 4, which changed that search engine.

If you did install an official version of Firefox 4, that was obtained directly from an official Mozilla download mirror, something you installed carried with it the BrowserPlus -- Improve your browser! Yahoo plugin which is installed for Firefox. That may be related to the changing of the about:home search engine.

Please provide a screenshot of the Help > About Firefox dialog window. In earlier versions of Firefox, the "enhanced" versions left us a clue as to it being an "enhanced" version - like labeling it as such.

Sorry, I don't know how to fix that issue at this point. There's no hidden pref in about:config for setting or resetting the search engine for that about:home search container, which can be be easily changed by the user.

I am trying to figure out how that is getting changed to vshare or Ask or as you have, Yahoo and maybe come up with a fix. However "they" are changing that search engine, it affects files with the Firefox program files, probably in the omni.jar file.