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I cannot get to my Firefox options menu. At the top of the screen/ window there is no tab marked 'File', 'Options', or 'Settings'. Can anyone help?

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I need to enable some cookies, I know how to do this, but the first step is clicking on the tools menu which I cannot find.

It might be helpful to describe what my page looks like, so here it is. My Mozilla Firefox window has the bar at the top which says which page I am currently on, and has the options to minimize, close etc. The next line down has the back and forwards buttons, refresh, stop, home, the url bar and a search box. The next line down has 'most visited', 'getting started', 'latest headlines' and my bookmarked pages (which i bookmarked by simply dragging the web page on to the bar as I don't know where the menu involving that option is either). The next line down is a nectar tool bar.

Where have my menu's gone? How can I get them back?

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For details of how to restore it, see https://support.mozilla.com/kb/menu+bar+is+missing