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web pages are printed incorrectly, i.e. left side of page in p.1, right side on page 2. This started recently. Correct printer is identified.

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Firefox recently updated. Now, printing a web page results in left side printed on p.1, right side on page 2. Using the same Canon D9000 printer. Selecting horizontal format causes the left side of page to be printed 1/2 size on 1/4 page! Printing same web page with IE is OK. Printing from MS`Word is OK.

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All web pages? Or just some? Example of a page where that happens?

Do those pages have Frames?
IOW, is the Print Frames section in the print dialog available (not greyed-out) for selecting Each frame separately?

If that isn't a Frames issue, my advice is to do the reset described here.
Make sure you reset all the prefs for that particular printer.

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All pages print incorrectly, including this page, web news, etc. Nothing Firefox directs to printer comes out correctly.

I don't know what frames you mean.

When I search about:conf I get error page, HTTP error 404-?, no help there.

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Type about:config in the Location bar, not the Search bar.

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There are a few of us having problems printing with Firefox 4. We all have different printers but we are all having similar problems. You already responded to me and saw my crash report but the solution did not work. Something is definitely wrong. Can you please try to fix it. I do a lot of printing. I hate using Internet Explorer to print something.



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I assume location bar is just right of search window, is this correct? Will resume my attempts today. What did you mean by "frames"?

Is it possible to reload firefox 3.5 for a trial?