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FF 4 won't work with Mac OSX (PowerPC) - says not valid with architecture. How do I go back to FF 3.5-6? For some reason, I'm now back to FF2!

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Mac OSX with Power PC -- not Intel. I assume that is the "architecture" problem. When I tried to nuke FF 4, I ended back with FF 2, so I don't have my bookmarks anymore, and don't seem able to use FB chat anymore. How can I download 3.5-6 again?

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The last Firefox version that works on OS X 10.3.x is

Other browsers that you can look at:

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Your answer was not extremely helpful -- sorry! I assumed it was because I do not have an Intel processor. Fine -- I can live without FF 4.0. But neither do I want FF 2.0! How can I return to FF 3.5-6? I had it until I tried to upgrade.

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Your answer was not extremely helpful. I assume it's an issue with the Intel processor. Fine -- I can live w/o FF 4.0! However, neither do I want FF 2.0 -- and if I wanted another browser, I could use Safari or IE, which are still on my system. You are apparently assuming I have OSX 10.3. I do not -- I have 10.5.8, with a powerpc processor.

The question is -- again -- where/how do I download FF 3.5-6 again? I had it until I attempted to upgrade to FF4.

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You didn't tell us which Mac OS X version you are running, so it is hard to give specific advice.

Firefox 3.6.x can be found here:

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I have Mac OS X version 10.5.8 but it's a G4 PowerPC (not Intel). Will Firefox 4 ever work on it or am I stuck using 3.6.16 forever? I love Firefox 4 and have it installed on my android phone, my PC at home and at the office, and am bummed out that it doesn't work on my Apple iBook G4.