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With this new version, my bookmarks side bar is gone. How do I get the side bar back?

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When I updated to the new Firefox 4 my bookmarks side bar is gone. The bookmarks are still there under the bookmark drop down menu, but I want to know how I can "pin" it back to the side. of the screen.

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Ctrl+B will toggle (open/close) the Bookmarks Sidebar. Does that work for you?

Generally, if the Bookmarks Sidebar is open when you close/exit Firefox, it will be open when you start Firefox again.

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See also:

This can also be a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

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It works!!! Thank you so much!

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Yes but all that happens is I can see 'most visited' but not my specifically bookmarked sites which is what I would like to have permanently pinned to the left of my screen. It is a shame Firefox doesn't simply update a change so we have the facility back.