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Video such as youtube's have a green ban running through the center of it. The video plays the same on both sides of this green ban. The videos play fine using IE, however.

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In a standard youtube size window there is a horizontal green bar, Which is about .25 wide. The video shows the same on both sides of the bar. Looks like slow frame rate but both sides play at normal speed and sound. This morning video was correct. The computer had not been used until I went to youtube around 1500. All other video not using Firefox such as wmv, flv play correctly using a media player.

Below is the last video URL which has this green bar on my computer. I have checked many videos and they are all the same.


The youtube video plays correctly using IE, However.

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You may have a problem with the update of the Firefox Flash plugin to version 10.2 r152.

You can try to disable the hardware acceleration in the Flash Player.
See Flash videos won't play full screen

Flash "Display settings" window:

If that didn't help the you can try to uninstall Flash and revert to the previous 10.1 r102 version.

Older Flash versions here (Non-IE):

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I noticed that the latest Adobe update was faulty. I corrected this and now youtube video works correctly.