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To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier


To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier

this is what im getting i just need to no how to disable this ..i my whole page freezes up until i hit cancel or resend ..there must be a simple way of doing it..guess its a case of if dosent get fixes move to another browser ..

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i have made a few adjustments in tools ..and changed the 0 to a 1 in the configuration part ...but all no good

Raine Dragon 8 oplossingen 99 antwoorden

Are you getting that anytime you visit a page? Or after you hit the 'refresh', 'back' or 'forward' button?

This error is not usually an error telling you that anything is broken, it's warning you that you are re-doing something you have already done. The page that you are trying to re-access, or refresh was a page that was doing something. Maybe you told the page to search for something, or you were filling out a form, or perhaps doing something like adding something to a shopping cart. Firefox warns you in case it's something you really don't want to do again; for example, accidentally buying a second toaster, or re-sending a comment form.

If you only were searching or navigating around a page, it's generally ok to press the 'Resend' button.

This safety feature is not unique to firefox, I can't offhand think of a browser that doesn't have it (though the wording may vary).

However, if you are getting it constantly, every page you visit, on every website, all the time, then it's a bug.

jillv 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

Get it every 5 mins. asking to resend. Want to get rid of it completely.

lostangel 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

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These great 'Security Features' like this need to have a way of being disabled and documented so user know how to disable this.

This breaks an online game I play due to popping up the warning on each refresh.

How can we disable this feature?! Mozilla Devs, give us a site by site option with this please, an overall way for now would be appreciated however.

lostangel 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

This is also a dupe of 668932

notorious 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden


notorious 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

have u any ideas on how to fix this bug

Raine Dragon 8 oplossingen 99 antwoorden

well, it's not actually a bug. Most browsers do this. Ideally, you shouldn't be resending data, even when playing a game. In a perfect world, the developer would want you to manually re-do the action.

How to put it in perspective? it's like writing a letter to someone, and then photocopying it and sending it again, and again. maybe the letter is generic enough that it's applicable in some cases, but it's still awkward.

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gis1623 0 oplossingen 26 antwoorden

RaineDrago..., I think it's pretty clear now that those experiencing this are not getting the normal warning routine that you are describing. Yes, we all know that you know what you've repeated. Is there anything else that you'd like all of us to know that you know?

shede 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

"To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier."

I am having the same issue and yes it's happening on more than 1 website or page. It popped up with this page, and it's interrupting game play that I have on another website. I thought it was associated with an add on for the game, but I am getting across the board on just about everything I visit...

Raine Dragon 8 oplossingen 99 antwoorden

I in no way mean to be disrespectful, but no one has posted enough information for me to actually be able to give a better answer. As far as I can tell, people are saying I refreshed a page, and I got this result. Which, if that is all it is, is what I was explaining. I don't know anyone here, I don't know how long they have been using firefox, the internet, or a computer. All I know is what they have posted, and I have not really gotten anyone who posted before responding to me. if it is more than the basic function of the feature, then someone needs to give more information for anyone to be able to help. Keep in mind, I can't see your screen, all I know at all is what has been typed.

It would be helpful to know: What game? what website? what did you do right before refreshing? did you hit the refresh key or is the page auto refreshing? If it's auto refreshing, is that in some way part of the game? did this start happening at a certain point in time, or has it always happened on that site? does it happen on more than one site? every site? is there any pattern to what you do prior to getting the popup? Is the page hanging in a constant state of loading? are there ads on the page that generally change? have they been changing only when you choose to resend the information? Are they changing more often than usual?

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shede 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

Game: Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook

There are add ons for this game through greasemonkey. Have been using firefox for years...this started happening 2 days ago. And it happens everytime you try to refresh the page. Whether that's right clicking and refreshing, or using the reload button across the top of the page...or using the f5 button. The game itself also has an automatic reload which is now not functioning due to this pop up

Other pages this happens on....google search engine, this forum page, google emails, facebook in general plus other pages that I come across as I'm surfing the web

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Try /questions/780792

WilkesJournal 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

I have this problem too. RaineDragon, you've asked for a specific page it happens on, here it is: MyEbay. If I'm looking at my 'myebay' page, I can click on an item, view it, and then hit the back arrow to return to the 'myebay' page, I then get the To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier popup. I find it incredibly annoying.

The same thing does not happen in IE. How do I disable this popup in Firefox? Thanks.

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You get an alert about resending POST data if you go back to a page or refresh a page that was previously requested from the server by submitting form data via a (hidden) POST form.

A way to prevent that pop-up is not to use the Back button, but to open links from a page that was requested from a server by sending a POST form in a new tab (window) with a middle-click or a Ctrl + left-click.
Then you can close that tab or window to go back.

SUBZER0 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

Perhaps a little more detailed information may help figure this out.

In my particular situation, I began to notice this on FaceBook while playing the game Gangster Battle. After performing an action within the game, which always requires the page to refresh, the message comes up, 'To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier." It should also be noted that the Gangster Battle game is from the same developers as Knighted, Locked Up, Space Battle & Sex Games. The FaceBook contact for these games is Alicia Penecosta

Also noteworthy, the Gangster Battle game (from now on referred to as GB) has gone through many radical changes since inception. The reason for this ranges from normal upgrades & improvements, to fixing holes in the game that allowed people to circumvent standard security measures and manipulate the game to their advantage. These "cheats or hacks" and those who perpetrated them were the foundation of a never ending fury of GB heated discussions. What makes this unique and important is that GB, although free to play, also relies on real world money to be used in game play. This is typical of most games on FB. For sake of example, one could purchase credits "Gifts for the Don" to be used to exchange for a boost in life, energy, strength, in-game money, etc., etc.. In private conversations with Alicia, it was revealed to me just how lucrative this was to them (the developers). The amount of real world money being spent on GB alone was astronomical!

The reason I am going into such detail is so you all understand just how serious this situation is. How does this relate to the bug reported? Allow me to explain. In different facets of the GB game, surgical precision timing is critical to succeed at certain tasks. This USED to mean relying on refreshing a certain page(s) to gain the upper hand. The ability to refresh as often and as quickly as one likes has been altered. The developers have implemented code that would allow x number of refreshes without interruption. After x number of refreshes, the user would then be faced with a "captcha solve". This was to attempt to level the playing field. For one, not everyone has the luxury of super high speed internet access like some of us. Right there, it puts those at an immediate disadvantage. But on the other hand, it infuriates & frustrates those who DO have high speed. There really is no pleasing everyone. Period.

This bug (if that's what it is) is also potentially detrimental to the developers of the game. The reason being is that players are typically very impatient and easily put off by these inconveniences. Many are willing to simply drop the game all together. Of course this equates to loss of revenue to the developers. So, although it might seem to be a minor issue, it is much more than that to the serious players because of how it affects their game play. Hopefully, we can find a fix for this.

OKEYDOKEY 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

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I am a developer and I get this problem only on Firefox with a method I use for creating a generic server page that dynamically generated different user interfaces using the post method. The AJAX code without any server pages works fine. If I create separate pages, it does not seem to be a problem.

It is not a bug but a badly conceived idea. It is not the way browsers are meant to behave but a bad implementation of Mozilla. IE is beyond irritating and is a complete disregard for user experience. Mozilla has gone the same route and the replies on these forums reflect this arrogance and disrespect.

I don't mind making changes to accomodate multiple browsers but will not tolerate not only bad design but arrogant disregard for user experience. If a lot of people complain, realize there is a BIG problem.

I have made the choice to dump Firefox and standardize on Chrome for my applications, at least when something is not working on Chrome, I can find out why. Usually the reason, if it is not an error, makes sense and I'm more than willing to revisit a design rationale or implementation approach. The first versions of Chrome were frustrating but right now, I think it is a good development and user choice.

WilkesJournal 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

I love everything else about Firefox, I never use IE anymore, but being able to use my 'back' button without re-submitting form data is not an unreasonable request. IE figured out how to do it long ago, why can't Firefox at least allow it as an option to be able to turn the warning off?

If I'm looking at MyEbay, click through to go to an item, I shouldn't have to click forward for two more pages to get back to MyEbay. I should be able to click the back button one time, just like IE does, and not have to re-submit anything.

rex222 0 oplossingen 2 antwoorden

I have this problem too, where each time i hit refresh (or F5) Fire Fox asks me to resend the page I'm on. It's incredible how this seemingly simple issue can frustrate me so much. I understand the page needs to resend. You've told me once. I don't need to be told EVERY time I hit refresh. Just give me that magic little checkbox (like ie) that says "Don't warn me again". CHECK. DONE.

I am simply trying to reload a page that I am on, over and over to check on updated stats I am tracking. Hitting F5 will refresh those stats in ie just fine, over and over to my hearts content. However, the graphs that go along with these stats aren't available in ie, so I have to use FireCrotch. Er fox... And FireFox wants to harrass me with a pop up each tiem I refresh. And now you're telling me there is no option to disable this? Really? That's weak. It's like a pop up that comes up every time I click any button. "You clicked a button, ok?" .... ok.... "You said ok, is that okay?".... yes... It reminds me of goign to Chipotle and asking for quacamole. Chipotle server: "Quacamole is a little bit extra, is that okay?". Every time... even though I've been goign to the same location, with the same servers for years. Its okay, really, you dont' have to tell me every time. sigh.....

Does anyoen know if Chrome will allow you to refresh without answerign an annoying pop up?

smw81 0 oplossingen 1 antwoorden

A few months back I began having trouble with firefox. I keep getting this message: To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier. It happens during some of the games I play on facebook. Here is one link http://apps.facebook.com/slotomania/?ref=bookmarks&count=0&fb_source=bookmarks_apps&fb_bmpos=1_0

Last time this happened I went to options, advanced, and unclicked tell when website asks to store data offline. However it is not working this time. Fix this or I'm going to Google Chrome- and since I got my entire family on firefox...I'll switch them all too!