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(Latest) Firefox gets berserk when using Java applet to upload videos on YouTube

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Whenever I use YouTube's Java applet for uploading videos to Youtube, Firefox goes berserk - CPU usage max (I have a 3.2GHz CPU!!), Firefox gets unstable and hangs a lot and it won't be possible to do anything with Firefox anymore until I quit the page that has that java applet.

I don't know if it's a Firefox's personal issue with Java or is it caused by an Add-On.. Is there a "Add-On Task Manager" for Firefox or something like that? Where I can see which Add-On(s) starts eating up CPU, when Java app at YT is started?

I left Firefox to upload videos and I went to sleep. When I came back CPU usage was still at max. I wanted to browse the web and I though that hanging problem affected only the page with Java app, so I opened another Firefox client. But that one lagged too of course and when I closed IT, the first FF, which was uploading to YT closed too - it crashed, silently. Restarted FF and it came up with a message, that recovery was not possible due to corrupted recovery data.

I got pissed off and I got myself Google Chrome again - It has no issues with YT's Java video uploader applet at all and CPU usage is also nonexistent.

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Ah, I found out what caused it! I first ran that Safe Mode utility and disabled all Add-Ons, then I enabled them 4 at a time to see, which causes the FF to turn into a berserk.

It was Text Area Resizer and Mover (1.82)!