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Bing Hijacking of Firefox

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My browser was hijacked by Bing when I downloaded a recent update. After the hijacking I could no longer enter a plain-text website name (Like "Amazon" or "Home Depot") into the navigation window, hit enter, and get taken to the website in question. INSTEAD, I was directed to a Bing search page.

Here's the fix:

1. Type "about:config" in Firefox’s address bar (without the quotes), hit ENTER, and if you get a cute little warning box pop up telling you that you're going to void your warranty, tell it to trust you.

2. You get a page full of intimidating looking computer stuff. Near the top, in the Filter box, type "keyword". That will bring you to the keyword section.

3. You should find at least a couple of keyword entries. Make sure that "keyword.enabled" is set to "true".

4. Look for "keyword.url" and double-click on it. When the box pops up to let you edit it, clear out the contents and paste the following string into the box.


5. Click OK.

6. Clear "keyword" from the filter window, and type in "B I N G", one letter at a time. Slowly. Wherever you see "Bing", change it to "Google". ([i]or whatever/i)

When you're all done, restart Firefox, test your browser function by typing "Amazon" into the address window and seeing if it works.

Then face West and say: BITE ME, BILL!!

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I downloaded a recent Microsoft update

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This is fine but how did it happen? Why is Ff hijacked by Bing and what can I do to prevent it?