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Why does Firefox's Plugin Container require so much CPU usage and will this problem be fixed in a timely manner?

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Why is the new Plugin Container causing so much CPU usage and will firefox actually do anything in a quick and timely manner to fix this issue that has been effecting so many users across the internet?

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I updated my firefox as instructed by firefox

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plugin-container.exe takes more than 50-85 percent of my memory usage and CPU

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I have the same problem

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Same problem here too. Going to go back to previous version of FF

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Still waiting to here from firefox!? What part of fix this issue in a quick and timely manner don't removed understand!??? I stream movies and such from legit sites such as Hulu. All I want is for firefox to first and foremost, apoligise to every single person out there that has been a loyal follower of firefox UP TILL NOW! Second and finally, fix the removed issue FIREFOX! Here I can help you....WE DON'T (now listen very carefully) YOUR STUPID removed PLUGIN-CONTAINER.EXE! THATS RIGHT! WE DON'T WANT IT! GET RID OF IT! Is that plain enough english for those removed to understand!!??

Removed profanity. Please read the rules and guidelines at https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Forum+and+Chat+Rules+and+Guidelines - FF4L
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In plain English, you can disable the Plugin Container for one, two, or all three plugins it is enabled for. See this:


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I am glad that Mozilla finally has a link to tell Firefox users how to temporarily solve this problem. But would it be possible for you (or any other moderators/contributors) to post this link and put it as a "sticky post" so all users can see it when they come to this forum?

There are too many threads in reference to the plugin-container problem and it'll be so nice to combine them all into one thread. Also this will, hopefully, avoid any users screaming and yelling about this problem and post in a different thread.

Just a suggestion.

Thank you.

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While watching Flash vid?