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Problem downloading from ifile.it.

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I cannot seem to download normally from ifile.it, When i press the "request download ticket" the site is supposed to refresh and start download, instead it keeps refreshing and I keep getting "request download ticket" button no matter how many times i click it, I can however download if i completely change profile, So it seems some extension, plugin or setting is responsible for this, please help me identify the specific source of the problem.

URL of affected sites

http://ifile.it/qyoij8w, http://ifile.it/*

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Is JavaScript enabled? Please follow these instructions to disable or check to see if JavaScript is enabled. http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/JavaScript?s=Javascript&as=s#Enabling_and_disabling_JavaScript

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JavaScript is enabled.

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Also make sure that you allow cookies. See Cookies - Information that websites store on your computer and Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for desktop

You ca try to clear the cookies from that website in case they are corrupted.

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I already cleared all the cookies, used safe mode to reste all settings to default, disabled all addons and tried again, but nothing happening, this problem however doesn't happen in firefox4.0b2pre, with the same profile.

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I'm also facing the same problem. I'm able to download using chrome from ifile but not from Firefox. For example try downloading this file from firefox: http://ifile.it/wc35ufk/ . When cursor is placed on request download ticket, cursor changes from arrow to hand in chrome but it doesn't change in firefox (it remains arrow).

Please try to resolve this issue. TIA.

Bewerkt door ravihyd84 op

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Under Windows 7 it was all fine using Firefox 4.0.1 to download from ifile.it. But under Gentoo Linux, I could not get "Request download ticket" button working, neither 3.6.17 nor 4.0.1.

Bewerkt door Liu Yongtai op