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i upgrade my firefox to 3.6.4 but when i add some add-ons they tell me that i have 3.5.8 & i have to upgrade it ... i reinstalle 3.6.4 several time but still the same problem

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i upgraded my firefox to 3.6.4 but when i add some add-ons it tell me that i have 3.5.8 & i have to upgrade it ... i reinstall 3.6.4 several times but still the same problem ...

== 2-3 days ago

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this is how it looks from my help bar ...

it's written ... version 3.6.4


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Uninstall or disable the MegaUpload extension. It's confusing the add-on website about what version number you actually have.

Specifically, your user agent is show this: "Firefox/3.5.8 MEGAUPLOAD 3.0 "

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1st thnx 3 helping .. 2nd i don't have megaupload extension or plugins ...

i have the skipscreen addon which remove megaupload & somother captcha ...

i removed it ... but still the same program ..

PS:this skipscreen addon .. i got it from other website not from mozilla one

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sorry mean the same problem ..

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Look at the highlighted copy of your Help > About Mozilla Firefox image attached below this message.

Reset general user-agent -In Firefox, type about:config in the URL bar and press the Enter key. -If you see the warning, accept it (promise to be careful). -Filter = general.useragent.extra.firefox -Right-click that preference and select Reset -Then restart Firefox (File > Restart Firefox)

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thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you ... it works ....

i couldn't reset general.useragent.extra.firefox ...

but i find: general.useragent.override... which has the megaupload thing in it's detials ... i reset it ... restart the firefox and ever thing work .... TXGuy

and thnx JYOuyang 4 helping too

thank you very much

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You're welcome.

If Megaupload comes back, that means there is some remnant of it left on your system, possibly in the registry.