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What is plugin-container.exe?

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The extension plugin-container.exe wanted access to the internet. The file was located in my Mozzile folder, but I read somewhere that it is malware. Is this file supposed to be there, and is it normal for attempt to receive a connection? Is it safe?

This happened

Just once or twice

== After the most recent update just a few hours ago.

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Go to the following link, click on "What's New in Firefox 3.6.4". The first 2 paragraphs is a brief explanation of what plugin-container.exe is designed to do. Right now, in Windows and Linux only, it isolates Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins from the main browser, so that if one of those plug-ins crashes, your whole browser does not crash. This was done due to the large number of crashes caused by plug-ins. Plans are to add more plug-ins in later updates to Firefox.


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It surely did NOT answer the problem, this .exe HOGS my computer severely!!!

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Even with the newest version of Firefox, this programming isn't working properly. Not only does it slow down EVERYTHING on my computer, but when the Adobe Flash Player script runs slowly, I can no longer click on the pop-up box to tell the script to continue. The only way I can click on the pop-up box is if I close Firefox down completely! Then I can click on the pop-up box--but then what good does that do me? ALL MY FIRFOX WINDOWS ARE CLOSED except the pop-up! LOL! The Adobe Flash Player runs properly in conjunction with Internet Explorer; so it is NOT an Adobe problem--it is a Mozilla Firefox problem.

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One thing I tried, in XP Home Edition, that seems to be working is to downgrade the operation of the program by setting its Compatability mode to Windows 2000. This seems to limit the amount of memory the .exe takes over. Before I did this, I was seeing memory allocations of over 50k. Now it stays closer to 20k and still functions fine. I feel like this has helped the browser open pages faster and scroll better too.

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I looked this up already, extended the wait time to -1. I"m still having the problem. I get a lot of the popup that asks if I want to wait for the script to finish as it is taking a long time. I am crashing STILl even after I adjusted the wait time. I am crashing many times a day still. What do I do? I just the damn thing to work!

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I too am an avid Webkinz user and my accounts crash ALL THE TIME NOW!! What are we supposed to do?? I extended the time and that worked for awhile but everything takes SO long now it's painful. When I see the 2 accounts, as I am often on 2 at once for dailies or events, start to slow down I know they are going to crash.

What's a Webkinz addict to do?

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