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plugin-container.exe : what is it, why is it necessary, can I delete it

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Please start a new thread http://support.mozilla.com/tiki-view_forum.php?locale=en-US&forumId=1&openpost=1 -FF4L


I have another kind of problem with Firefox



What is it, Why is it necessary, Can I delete it

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

Today 6/22/2010, when Firefox updated to 3.6.4 GTB7.0

Troubleshooting information

Closed it via Task Manager

Firefox version


Operating system

Windows XP

User Agent

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100611 Firefox/3.6.4 GTB7.0

Plugins installed

  • -BitTorrent Plugin 1
  • 1.9.0009.1
  • Java(TM) Platform SE binary
  • DivX Web Player version
  • npdivxplayerplugin
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape "9.3.2"
  • Default Plug-in
  • Google Update
  • Shockwave Flash 10.1 r53
  • RealJukebox Netscape Plugin
  • Windows Multimedia Services DRM Store Plug-In
  • ~Mirage Plugin for Visual Mirage Projects
  • Java Plug-in 1.6.0_11 for Netscape Navigator (DLL Helper)
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
  • Npdsplay dll

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David, version 3.5.10 includes all the latest security flaws, so use that instead please.

Also, if you can notice differences of loading times between different browsers, you probably have some add-on that is slowing down your Firefox. Please read this post. I will probably also help you fix any problems you're having with Firefox. If it doesn't help, feel free to ask for additional help.

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Sorry, not interested Morpus. If this was so bad why was it released in the first place, do we not learn from other builds?

FF is getting bloated by the day... at least I don't have to wait about FF thinking about opening. At this rate I can see a lot of frustrated FF users who will either like me switch to earlier version or switch browsers completely.

You really suggest I am stupid in that if I had problems with security flaws that I would continue to use such programs. OK lets ask?

Anyone had a breach of security with an earlier version of FF? I really would suggest using a basic browser then concentratea few noses out of joint!

Maybe FF is getting like Google and Phorm, I don't know but this is way off topic.

Oh, I got rid that suggestion panel which I find utterly useless, simply type in about:config and look for


clicking modify will toggle it (switch it OFF or ON.

The latest version is in such a state that nothing works, why is this? And your worried about security lol - even I had problems with various bits.

It's like this, if we don't like what you offer and we can't alter it to 'our needs or satisfaction' I for one won't use it no matter on what hype the FF crew generates - it has gone down hill in my books!

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I really would suggest using a basic browser then concentratea few noses out of joint

Sorry, should read-:

I really would concentrate on a simple browser and build an operating system, that would put a few noses out of joint.

Sorry for this, my bad (blame Firefox).

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Can someone please shut this David up? If he has a problem and is not interested in fixing it, can someone please erase his troublemaking posts? He's clearly only here to cause problems, so...

Some people... Shh...

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First of all, why isn't this form in ENGLISH?

my computer has been slow and sluggish since the last Firefox update - if it's that plugin-container.exe, what happens if i delete that file?

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This forum's language is dependent on the link. See this one:


If you delete the plugin-container.exe, Firefox won't work anymore, and you'll need to reinstall it (no data will be lost though).

If you are having a problem, please see this post. If it doesn't help, please tell me so we can go on from there and see about what should be done.

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I'll suggest those users have problems with the plugin-container.exe to disable it. I have done that and it doesn't run anymore. So far I have no problem with FF. Everything still works perfectly.

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OMG, this plugin-container is now suing 2100% of my PC memory! Then my PC freezes and everything crashes! What a nightmare! This new Firefox is garbage! How do you downgrade to a previous version safely by keeping my bookmark buttons?

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Jim_again, Why don't you follow the instructions that HelpUrself_GoodLuck! posted (which is on page 6 of this thread) and disable the plugin-container? Once you do that, it'll not run anymore in your PC.

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Every time I disable it, it comes back in just a few short moments! I'm uninstalling FF and good bye! Am going to use Google Chrome, although i suspect Google did something to FF to force us to use Chrome. I may switch to Opera just to send all these unfairly-competing browsers to hell forever.

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Jim_again: Are you sure you have changed all options to "false"? Mine has never come back. Did you close FF after you disable the plugin-container? You might try that to see if that helps.

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Jim_again Did you restart Firefox after making the changes to your prefs? Try that and see if plugin-container.exe comes back on the Task Manager Processes tab.

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OK, thanks I disabled it as per hjelpful intructions, although I'm not fond of voiding the warranty. Although I feel like a cheaper, - how does Mazylis Mozilla FF make money?

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Firefox is developed by the Mozilla Foundation, which is a non-profit public service organization, composed of many people of many different countries that may or may not earn money with developing Firefox. Mozilla Corporation, on the other hand, employs part of Firefox's developers, and earns money because of advertising partnerships, among others. Mozilla Corporation has as its primary goal the maintenance of Mozilla Foundation's projects, such as Firefox.

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"...voiding the warranty."

That's a little bit of humor from the developers, there is no warranty per se - software has an EULA.

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Is profit Mozilla Corporation's primary goal or are they also a non-profit corporation? Perhaps "Mozilla Partnership" would sound better, because "corporation" sounds like "I'm huge and I will step on you because you are nothing" ;-) And yes, I understand and appreciate a free browser.

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Hey Microso...er, I mean Mozilla!

WTF with the "plugin-container? If you can't do it right the first time then don't emulate Microsoft and just do it anyway!

In the meantime, let me know how to get this piece of garbage off of my computer. I don't care how many tabs I have open or how many other apps I am running because it didn't run this SLOW BEFORE you put "plugin-container" in my update!

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Jim Rox53 -- Did you read my posts above on how to disable the plugin-container?

Forum moderators: It might be a good idea for any one of you to post the temporary solutions on 1) how to disable the plugin-container and 2) how to change the value of adobe flash plug-in and post it as a "sticky" post". I think this will avoid so many users keep posting about these problems in so many different threads.

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I'm back! Because after closing and reopening FF now plugin-container.exe does not show up, but... (!) FF is eating 99% of the memory anyway! And my FF just crashed!

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