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I do not have a tab bar and I do not have a return to previous page bar.

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I have a first bar with..........FILE EDIT VIEW HISTORY BOOKMARKS TOOLS HELP The second bar has a red symbol GETTING STARTED a orange symbol LASTEST HEADLINES Then the third bar is the TAB BAR WITH MESSAGE, ANOTHER TAB WITH FIREFOX No where do I have the option to go lthe last page visited or to the previous page visited


This happened

Every time Firefox opened

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Are you actually using Firefox on Windows Vista? I can't help you with that.

If you aren't: Try View -> Toolbars -> Customize, and press the Restore Default Set button.

If that doesn't work, reset your Toolbars with the Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode dialog option, "Reset toolbars and controls": https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Safe+Mode#Safe_Mode_window

See How to reset the default user agent on Firefox to fix your User Agent so sites recognize you are running a modern browser.

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Display the Navigation Toolbar to see the Back/Forward, URL/location bar, Search Bar and some standard icons (Reload/Refresh, "X" Stop, Home): View > Toolbars, click on Navigation Toolbar to place a check mark next to it.

As rjohnson19 so eloquently stated, you really should consider upgrading to the most recent version of Firefox, unless you have some reason for using version 2.0.012 (add-ons that don't work in a newer version, etc.).

Firefox 3.6.3: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html

See: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Installing+Firefox http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Updating+Firefox http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Upgrading+to+Firefox+3.6#Upgrading_from_Firefox_2_or_earlier