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Selecting a favourite doesn't close the list

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Explorer (all versions from 3) has always closed the drop down list once the favourite has been selected. This is vital, particularly on a small screen netbook. After all who wants a third of the available viewing area taken up by a non-required list?, and anyway it's simply annoying. I quite like Firefox otherwise. Is there a method of making this 'auto hide/close' happen?

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Hello Dave,

this problem could probably be caused by a Firefox extension.

To make sure that no extension is causing the problems, start Firefox in Safe Mode by following the instructions in the Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode article.

Kind regards, Tobbi Firefox Support Volunteer

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Hi Tobbi

Hving recently moved from IE after many years, I suspect the problem is one of interpretation.

I had assumed that the 'starred blue book' icon (Display your Bookmarks), worked in the same way as the 'gold star' in IE 7. (I tried loading in Safe mode and got the same problem, which led me to realise that the 'blue book' means permanently display your bookmarks!).

It would seem the only way in FF to access the full bookmark list, is; "click" Bookmarks, "click"From Internet Explorer, "click" relevant bookmark. This seems a bit long winded after the simplicity of the 'IE star' which simply displayed the list when clicked.

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Maybe look at All-In-One Sidebar: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/1027