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extra ports

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Regardless of which version of FF I have installed (I have tested many) you folks keep opening 4 extra ports going around my firewall and around my proxy. This is a serious security and privacy breach.

Also, even though I have all sharing and updates turned off (so as to not destroy my machine) you have updated some dlls without my permission.

Open source is supposed to be more trustworthy. We would have expected something like this from MS but not you.

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Those 4 ports are used as a loopback connection for communication with the Software Security Device. See How to stop Firefox from making automatic connections

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As a network engineer I am getting more and more upset with these extra open ports. 'See Firefox makes unrequested connections' does not explain how to turn it off. Nor does it explain what is going on. Deception does not lend itself to trust. I have a firewall and a proxy to protect my machine and my resources/myself. Any time you break thru this protection, you are up to no good. Security for my machine and myself is my job, not yours. Hopefully some ethical developers will develop a better browser.

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Download and install TCPView and you will see that all of the communication on those 4 connections is internal:

TCPView info and download: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897437.aspx

Being a network engineer, I am sure you will understand this discussion: