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I want to know why you have changed from the very simple, uncluttered google search box to this awful, busy front page? If this continues I will probably go to Internet Explorer although there's is almost as 'busy'.

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We used to get, when clicking on Mozilla, a simple box (Google) with a space to put the subject you wanted searched. Simple and uncluttered. I went to Mozilla because of this, as Internet Explorer was messy and cluttered. Imagine my dismay when I find Mozilla has gone the same way!!! I do not want 'Alot' as the homepage for searches, nor do I want all the crazy advertising, etc. - I just want the simple, uncluttered box back but do not know how to achieve this.

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I have sad and urgent news for you, Mozilla has not gone this way - it is still the simple box for the rest of us.

You are infected with Malware that profits from those adverts