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FF icon will not stay where I put it, migrates to right end of dock

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A couple of nights ago, my FF icon moved by itself to the right end of the dock. If I moe it to where it had always been, it slides over on its own to just to the left of the dock divider line! Subject is not covered anywhere that I have looked.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== recently

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You may have accidentally removed Firefox from your dock. Try right-clicking or control-clicking on the Firefox icon and make sure it says "Remove from Dock," not "Keep in Dock." If it says "Keep in Dock," click that and move the icon where you want it to stay. Let me know if this fixes it.

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I have tried every possible setting for the icon to no avail. It will NOT stay in the far left of the dock, and if placed there, after about 5 seconds, will move back to the right end, of its own volition! I have had to rearrange my icons to accommodate this peculiar behavior, which is not displayed by any other icon! Any ideas, anyone?