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Photo's on Facebook and Farmville have disappeared. How do I get them back?

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My photo's of friends have disappeared on Facebook and Farmville and I cannot get them back! How can I retrieve the photo's? I had a problem with my 1st account and stopped using it and opened another account under the same name and I tried to delete the 1st account and all of my photo's disappeared. My personal photo is just a full face shot. The first account photo was of me on the beach which I want to delete.

This happened

A few times a week

== I tried to delete my 1st account under Jane Marchesani Karkosky

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It is possible that you accidentally clicked the 'Block Images' item in the right click context menu while trying to save an image. Check the image exceptions: Tools > Options > Content: Load Images: Exceptions - See Settings for web content, pop-ups, fonts, and languages

A way to see which images are blocked is to click the favicon (Site Identification icon) on the left side of the location bar and click the "More Information" button. This will open the Security tab of the Page Info window (also accessible via Tools > Page Info). Go to the Media tab of that Page Info window. Select the first image and scroll down though the list with the Down arrow. If an image is grayed and there is a check-mark in the box Block Images from... then remove that mark to unblock the images from that domain.

See also Fix problems that cause images to not show and http://kb.mozillazine.org/Images_or_animations_do_not_load