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List Websites Given a Permission or more

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It seems that there was an internal page for permissions, namely about:permissions. As I was trying to find an answer to my question, I found many volunteers at Mozilla Support would talk about this, but what I'm asking for is different. I'm looking for a way to list websites per permission, that is, when I want to disable a permission for a bunch of websites at once, I specify the permission and remove the websites I do not want to have that permission. In one of the questions on the site, an extension called SQLite Manager was mentioned and seemed to be the solution. This extension, though, doesn't exist anymore. If what I'm looking for can be done through this extension, I'd like to know if there is an alternative. If it doesn't serve the purpose that I am talking about, I'd be happy to know if there is a different workaround.

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[Moderators coming by here, please replace text in the second paragraph in the question with the text below and delete this reply] EDIT: I'm looking for a way to list websites having a permission or more that I specify, so that when I want to revoke a permission for a bunch of websites, I can do it without looking for each website and changing its permissions through the Page Info dialogue box (or any other method that works for individual websites).


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Hi Hassan Khalloof,

Just go to Settings, In Settings there'll be Privacy & Security Tab, just click on it.

On this tab you'll find permissions option where the functions will be listed like microphone, camera, notifications, etc.

If you want to check that which websites have currently permission to send me the notification or want to remove that website just click on settings button which will appear right side of that permission.

Hope it'll help you.

I am also attaching screenshot.


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Here's the thing though: I'll need to do this for each permission, and if I want to remove a bunch of permissions from a bunch of websites, I can't do that. That might sound a bit weird, but this is what I meant to ask.


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