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2 factor authentication

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Unless I'm totally blind, there is no Two-step authentication option on the security panel. What is going on? I can't use sync without activating 2FA. If there is really no way to sync other than a non-existent 2FA, I'm going back to Chrome.

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Thank you! Here are parts of the instructions: 1. Click on the menu button menu button at the top right corner. 2. Click Firefox Accounts from the menu (it will show your email address if you're signed in.) 3. etc

I guess I'm getting old because no where on the menu does it say "Firefox accounts" when you simply open the menu. And saying you are signed in, doesn't mean to me that that is an account and that I should click on it to get more of the menu. Yes, I saw the >, but since I only have one account it didn't dawn on me that I was supposed to pick it. Anyway.....thank you!

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Using the link previously provided, can you post a pic of this page? see screenshot I use sync with without 2FA.

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The screen shot you show is the page that the link takes you to. What was very confusing, well 2 things actually, was where to find the security setting (it is in the security section for the account setting, not the security section of the browser settings). The second issue was setting up sync. When doing that is asks you to pair your device. During that process, it asks for a 6 digit code from your authenticator. I could not get a code. When it said to scan the QR code on the computer screen, I didn't understand that I needed to scan it with the authenticator app. I was scanning it just with my phone. I thought I had to go through the 2FA set up in order to add FF to my authenticator app to then get the code for the sync function. So, that's what i did. Maybe I didn't need to turn on 2FA to sync but that's the only way I could figure out to get my code for syncing. Hope you can understand my explanation.