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Firefox Update Breaks Browser

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I got started using Firefox a few years ago. Once I got adjusted to the different controls, I really like using it, BUT...

I have updated it three times now (the last time was on accident after ignoring the notice for a long time). Every update breaks the browser for me. I start getting Windows that don't load - the dot just bounces but the window stays blank for hours. The browser fails to load anything. On restart I get message that Firefox failed to close properly. New windows take up to 6 or 7 tries to load a link, and the same for loading into a tab.

The first couple times I updated, I followed the guidance to save favorites, dump the browser and restart from scratch, then load everything back in. While it worked, it's a PITA for a browser that updates pretty frequently, and I think routine updates should be able to load without having to spend hours troubleshooting and reloading. I'm not stupid or computer illiterate - I manage a Linux server cluster at work, but I can't manage my Firefox at home through a routine update.

Can anyone help get Firefox to load and run properly such that it works even after an update? I hate Edge, and Internet Explorer, while easy to learn is full of security holes and often DOA at most websites these days. I refuse to go Google, and I'd prefer to not learn another browser. I like Firefox, but the post-update problems are killing me.

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