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Can you give me back my "Stuff" as it's all gone now after a change in my gmail because it wanted 3 days to confirm my request for a new password? I made a new account. After a support request to Moto G (when I could no longer download my moto g pictures), my personal files (i.e. recipes, research on US Covid 19 vaccines, and notes on anything from a Spanish learning program to family info, etc) was taken. Their tech support in the US, Ryan, helped me and it vanished and he says he can't reset it. Even though he had access through my cell and laptop.

It's a great hack. Can you help me? Cheri

"They" did leave me my creation "Family slide show" but not the historic one made for the elders.

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so are you saying that in a primary gmail account you have files saved?

but for whatever reason you can no longer get into that account anymore?

and the method of accessing the primary account was thru your cell phone?


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