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Everytime I start typing "Facebook.com" into the addressbar the first suggestion is a site "Fastcompany.com." I will often just type "Fa" and hit enter which takes me to fastcompany.com instead of facebook.com. Firefox never used to do this. I am unable to delete fastcompany.com from the suggested list. I have tried every method, checked my bookmarks, delted my history, cleared all cookies and cache, I even installed an addon to block the site but the suggestion still remains. How do I remove it so that when I type "fa" and press enter I go to facebook instead of fastcompany?


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Respecfully, if you visit Facebook frequently then just make a short cut by creating/making a book mark on your book marks toolbar.

In otherwords, instead of typing the F and then the A, and spending time as to why the price of rice is high in china, just click on the button for Facebook that you made on the convenient toolbar


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