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AMD Ryzen 7 3700x + AMD x570 chipset ...chopping/slowing down

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So anyone experience choppy/hsss and slow pc ..even the mouse going choppy when you have a few tabs open after a while?

My system is a:

Ryzen 7 3700x AMD x570 chipset 16GB ram RTX 2060 Samsung 970 Pro

And it's going turtle like with shuttering and all the goodies after 1-2 hours of beeing on, to have 5-6 tabs of youtube videos shows immidiately symptoms of this behavior(I have a video if you want some proof), I tried to find the cause, checked CPU/GPU/RAM/mobo/PSU/SSD ...everything

And then I open the same stuff with opera/chrome ...everything is smooth as butter, tried safe mode with firefox ...it's the same

Unless I restart my pc it's the same, tried 2x Re-install windows 10, nothing ...I thought my Sound Blaster Z was the issue, nop ...with the onboard(realtek) I get the very same behavior

So what's wrong with firefox? ..tried disable hardware acceleration, nop ...same behavior

Am I the only one having this kind of firefox behavior?

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version: 10.0.17763.1192

I'll try a more recent version of windows and see if this is fixed(I've searched a bit and saw that ryzen sometimes have issues with that version) ...worth to try - get back to you if this is fixed with newer ver


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