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Wacom pan/scrolling affects videos too

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I use a Wacom Intuos Pro m. I set one of the pen buttons to operate as scroll/pan. When I use scroll/pan in a page to scroll upwards or downwards, if the page hasvideo content (youtube, vmeo), the video playhead moves forward or backwards at the same tiem the page moves. In other words, page scrolling and video scrolling do not work separately, and this only happens in Firefox windows, not in Firefox mac, nor with other Windows browsers.

How can I set up Firefox so the pan/scroll works as expected, namely, only having effect on the scrolling of the page?


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Hi! I just wanted to bring this up, since this behaviour is really anoying to me and i would like to keep on using Firefox in both my Mac and Windows machines. Thanks,



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The current release is Firefox 85.

Does this still happen if you update ?

  • Help -> About Firefox

You can try to disable APZ zoom prefs on the about:config page.

  • apz.allow_zooming = false


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I made sure i had the latest release. The problem persist. I followed your indications and set apz.allow_zooming = false. Same result.



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