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Tab strip scroll with trackpad on macbook pro

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Hi all, I am experiencing a very annoying behaviour on firefox: from one day to another I cannot anymore scroll the tab strip with my trackpad, and this is driving me crazy.

Tried to restart firefox in safe mode => the problem still persists Tried to quit from better touch tool with addons disabled => problem still persists Factory reset of firefox with better touch tool disabled => problem still persists

Almost everything disabled in system settings in the trackpad gestures sections (screenshot attached)

You can find here a screen recording of the problem: in this video I open many new tabs and try to horizontally scroll them, you can't see the movement I do on the trackpad, but it is performed like when you scroll down a webpage: I expect (and it was like this since few time ago) the tab strip to scroll horizontally like a web page scrolls when you scroll down with trackpad, really no idea why it stopped working

Firefox is my absolute favurite browser, but this issue is really diving me crazy

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