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Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app

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I'm a paranoid guy so i tend to investigate anything and everything weird that happens to me.

Yesterday, i was browsing a movie directory looking for a movie to watch outside of major platforms (Netflix). The site was full of ads and other crap, my AV was ringing the bells, blocking lots of potentially malicious links.

Suddenly, i got prompted by Windows Defender to allow firefox.exe to communicate on public networks too. Private networks were allowed already, but somehow it wanted access over public networks too.

It looked exactly like this : https://content.invisioncic.com/Mmalware/monthly_2018_03/image.png.2897f90ed89aa34691c24143e249ab12.png

I am wondering if i could've been exploited by some sort of 0-day, as FireFox security is weaker now, we might see more broad attacks on people.

How could this happen and why would FireFox suddenly want to add new incoming rule?

I have the latest version of FireFox for many days, haven't installed anything new or updated anything. It happened just like that. Also, i was calling with a friend via Messenger which uses WebRTC, but we've been calling like that for past week or so, so don't have a clue why did it happen now...

Should i be concerned?

Let me know, please.

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