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location of cookie data so I can save it when dumping all local and roaming temporary files

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hello folks,

I'm getting very annoyed with the paranoia of corporate America and I my machines are all heavily customized. and I've managed to cut off all ties with corporate people because they are very big time wasters because most of their customers are very uninformed. but that's OK. I just happen to be a rare case. I posted this question elsewhere and asked some other very competent people about this. It is here:


however, the addressed a very similar issue. really the point of this effort by me is to save anything and everything that BANKS put on my machines so i don't have to talk to CSR's when they change their security and annoy customers with changing auth and auth. I just ran into it again with HSBC 10 minutes ago and wasted 20 minutes doing redundant tasks with a CSR to unlock the account. can you guys tell me what is in each one of the files listed in the image I've attached? I can do it myself with github tools, but I'd rather save time and get it from the pros here, assuming someone here knows. I just need summaries. Not specifics. I can figure it out from there. If someone could give a hint if this doesn't look like a suspicious post, that would be nice.



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