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WebAssembly console messages are all the same (undefined) instead of specific as they were in earlier versions

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VERSION: OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS OS type: 64-bit Firefox: 83.0 (64-bit) Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical -1.0

ISSUE: All of the WebAssembly / Wasm error messages I receive in the FF console give a generic response instead of specific messages (like previous versions offered).

I recorded some of the previous error messages in content I was creating for others which explained how to resolve those error messages.

This is an example of what I used to see in the console.


Firefox 70.0.1 CompileError: wasm validation error: at offset 824: popping value from empty stack

Firefox 80 Uncaught (in promise) CompileError: wasm validation error: at offset 47: initializer expression must reference a global immutable import

Firefox 80 Uncaught (in promise) LinkError: imported Memory with incompatible size

Now, when I do the same things that would trigger those errors, the message I get is vague and not specific at all.


Firefox 83 Uncaught (in promise) Error: undefined

This makes it much more difficult to debug my Wasm in the browser and halts me from sharing my findings with others.

I did look in the about:config settings (in case they added a flag) and tried switching

javascript.options.wasm.verbose from ‘false’ to ‘true’

but that was not a solution.

Setting that flag to true only gave more references to the phases of the compilations but did not give me back the error reporting I used to see for Wasm.

I need to know how to enable the actual error messages again for Wasm or understand why the helpful messages were changed into a generic message. I’m hoping that it just an accident they are not displaying.

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